Boating in Rock Creek - SLOW DOWN

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All Boat Ramp Key holders are reminded that as you boat through Wall Cove and Rock Creek, you must keep your boat below 6 mph AND you keep your wake to a minimum. 

There are many small boat, Kayaks and Dingys operating in Wall Cove.   Many of these small craft can be hidden from view until the last minute.  By the time you see them it is TOO LATE to slow down and reduce your wake. 

Boat owners are ALWAYS fully responsible for all damage, injury and death caused by their wake. 

This is not county ordinance or state law.  It is FEDERAL LAW. Please avoid hurting your neighbors by slowing down. 

Getting to or from the boat ramp a minute or two earlier will not ruin your day.  Injuring another boater will ruin your day, month and year.  And you can be denied a Boat Ramp Key the next year.

Colony Road Speed Bumps are in.

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The country contractor has installed the speed control bumps on Colony Road this week.  Please slow down to avoid car damage.

Community spraying for Mosquitos

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The board + members present voted to particpate in the AA Co spraying program.

Spraying can occur anytime between 7:00 PM and 2:30 AM

Spraying for new communities will begin the week of September 25th

Spraying will not begin until the community has been notified and we have received the Community Notification Verification Form

October 11 is the estimated last day of spraying for 2016

Community’s assigned spray Night is: Thursday

On your community’s assigned spray night we suggest the following precautions

- Stay indoors

- Shut windows

- Turn off window air conditioning units

- Bring in pet dishes, children’s toys, etc.

For Further information:

[email protected]

 or 410-841-5870

 For information on the products used:

Residents who do not wish their property to be sprayed may file and exemption. The exemption policy and form can be found on the website:

Boating Safety Course Requirement

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Boaters born on or after July 1st 1972 must CARRY a National Association of State Boating Law Administration approved certificate of boating safety education when operating a boat on Maryland waters.  For more information contact:

-DNR at or 410-643-8502

-US Power Squadron at or 1-888-367-8777

-US Coast Guard Auxiliary at

Report a non-functioning Street Light to BGE

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Here is the Link to the BGE web site to report a Street Light that is out:

The Street Lights serve to improve the Safety and Security of our neighborhood.  Please report Street Lights that are not working properly to BGE via the web page link above.

2015 Results of Rock Creek Bacteria Testing

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Click on the link to see the test results that is paid for for by the Restore Rock Creek group.